If you plan on moving to Texas for tax reasons, we can help you. Many people are looking to move out of California, New York, and Illinois. We have some agents that we could recommend in different areas of Texas based on location and your price range.

For people that want to move out of Texas during the hot summer months of July, August, and September; Homes in Ironwood Michigan and Hurly Wisconsin are very low cost if you are looking for a second home.

Starting in year 2010 when the recession started, President Obama started paying contractors to repair homes that were in need of repair when the owners didn't have money to pay for repairs. If they needed a new roof or a new furnace, the local contractors were paid by the federal government to make these repairs. If the owner stayed in the house for five years, they didn't have to pay the money back.

The Ironwood, Michigan / Hurley, Wisconsin area at one time employed thousands of employees that worked in the iron and silver mines. When our country started to outsource jobs, this is when many workers lost their jobs and the last layoff in the silver mines was 3,000 workers when it closed.

Today, many of these Obama homes are coming on the market as more of these older people move into nursing homes or out of state to be with family members that are helping take care of their parents. In Ironwood / Hurley area, you can get a 3-bedroom home with a garage that only costs about $60,000. It costs two or three times as much to build a comparable home today. Labor and material cost are rising very fast and this is a good time to purchase a home in Ironwood.

If you have any questions about the area or homes available, call Northern Trails Realty in Ironwood, Michigan at (906) 932-4110.